Authored by Kelly Leon

Sell Me This Pen

sell me this pen interview answer

1. PREPARE YOURSELF: Before you go for an interview, always prepare yourself for it especially if it’s going to be a sales job.

There are times when we aren’t able to crack an interview because we aren’t able to answer questions immediately, especially when selling products come into question. You have to practice and prepare yourself at home before starting.

2. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT THE PEN: The first thing you should do is take a close look at the pen. Look at it very carefully. You should not take more than ten seconds before you start off.

Plus ten seconds is more than enough for someone to look at a product carefully.

3. START OFF WITH ITS FEATURES: In order to sell a pen in an interview, it is important to focus on its features. Being a good salesperson is about listing down all the good stuff about the product.

You should write what is so good about the pen and most importantly what do you think the user will be able to do with.

Of course, the pen is pretty looking and writes really well but what is so great about this product, sets it apart from the rest. Think of this before answering.

4. PROVE THAT THE PERSON IS IN NEED OF THIS PEN: One of the most important things in the world of business and sales is that people who are selling a product should always know what the person is looking for and must be able to cater to their needs.

An example can be used to illustrate this. If you are expected to sell a pen or even notepad, go ahead and ask a few questions which will give you an idea as to why this item is a must.

The presentation could start with “Assuming that you don’t have this pen right now, can you kindly tell me what you do when you are in the middle of an important paperwork meeting and don’t have anything in hand? And even if you have a pen in hand, does it work smooth? Or does it lack a refill?

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